Who we are

We help you find money for your business.

We are a non-profit organization based in Germany. The main objective of our resourcefulness is to bring all available means of business funding to your fingertips. Getting sponsors and aids for upcoming businesses is not that easy as it sounds. Most times, business owners don?t know what to do exactly to get a loan or business grant from potential lenders / sponsors.

Because of the great success of our services in areas of education and grants, we decided to extend it to business owners. This version does not only cover grants but also all other types of funding that could be applied for, to finance your own business. With more than 12,000 funding opportunities and multiple filter criteria, we will soon be one of the largest funding portal within you did ever know.

We are working with international offices, business advisory services, finance experts, associations, development agencies, entrepreneurs, banks, and other relevant organizations in order to get up-to-date information about funding opportunities for large and small scale business owners. Those business owners, who currently believe they have no chance of getting funding for their businesses, should be motivated to send out applications to several funding bodies.

We have found numerous grant programs ourselves and are working with a large number of partners to source and organize more business funding and grants for large and small business owners across the globe.

We surf the internet, make inquiries of funding bodies and other relevant organizations to get the latest information, first-hand tips and guides on how to apply and get business grants and bursaries.

We ourselves don?t offer grants. But we help you seek for grants that are open for application and we present them to you. We?re a team made of different people with one common goal ? presenting business grants, application guides, and tips to you.