Enterprise VC Firm to Look Out For

Everyone has probably thought of starting their own business at least once in their lives. Some have probably even gotten the taste of what it?s like. If you have ever started a lemonade stand before when you were a kid or have sold brownies and cookies in a bake-off at school, you should know that this is just nothing but a pinch of what business feels like. It is definitely not easy but at the end of the day, it is very much rewarding. That is why if you?re planning to start a business you should be very aware of these things like the challenges and risks that come with the benefits. After all, you can?t reap the rewards of something that you haven?t sown right?

If you want to start a business, you should know that it requires a lot of money, effort, and attention. You should have funds that would help you jumpstart you venture capital. And to do that, you should know how to attract a private investor or a private equity firm to invest in your idea. Your savings cannot be the only thing that your business will depend on especially if you?re planning for it to eventually becomes a small company. Since you are still starting or new in this industry, one of the things a new business owner would want is the guidance and investment of experienced people.

This is the need that the Work-Bench is targeting. Work-Bench is a VC firm fund located in New York City. Their services include being the VC partner of an early startup company, specifically, start-ups that are also IT orgs, and help guide them through the market. Another of their service includes helping the company being able to have repeatable sales process and helping the company make connections with the needed and correct people at the key customer accounts. Their specialty is in investing in Series A rounds.

In terms of the competition, while there are also other companies that offer similar services like TNB Aura as Work-Bench, they make themselves stand out with their specialty in VC partnering and experience.  The team of Work-Bench consists of people who have knowledge and expertise in the corporate IT world.

The co-founder Jonathan Lehr and Jessica Lin have quite an array of achievements in both the technology and IT world and the business world. Jonathan Lehr graduated at University of Pennsylvania and Morgan Stanley was one of the places he worked at prior to Work-Bench. Jessica Lin graduated from Harvard University and used to work as Learning and Development Manager at the company Cisco Systems. As for the status of Work-Bench as a venture capital investment startup firm, things seem to be looking up for the VC firm with its $47 million Fund II recently in December 2018. Before this, they already had a $10 million fund initially so the $47 million is a follow-up. They have also been proved to be successful in their past funding with Dialpad, Tamr, Cockroach Labs and CoreOS. And one of their investments, CoreOS had even been acquired by Red Hat for $250 million.

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