Fashion E-tailer Raises Capital after Financing Project

One of the most lucrative ideas to get into with business into is fashion and clothing. Everybody needs to wear clothes and other apparel like bags and shoes. Clothing is a basic human need so everybody needs to buy clothes to protect them from multiple external factors like extreme temperature. This is why the fashion industry remains as one of the top industries in the world and more and more venture capital firms are becoming interested in investing their money or financing projects into start up companies that handle fashion labels or distributing clothing, accessories, and apparel.

A company that has been gaining traction these days in relation to this is Ad Victoriam Ventures Pvt. Ltd. The company has recently raised funds around $2.96 million or Rs 20.42 core. Ad Victoriam Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is highly known as being the operator of the StalkBuyLove, an online fashion seller and label. StalkBuyLove is different from other competitors as the start up sells personalized fashion. The fashion and clothing it sells are only available in-house, its prototypes are based on global fashion trends, and it buys and uses raw materials when creating the aforementioned prototypes. After that, they upload it in their online website where customers can see the designs and prototypes and order. The company is also famous for its original designs, which are made available after 10 days after the design is released, making the design and the clothes exclusive and unique. In addition to this, everything, from the manufacturing, to the buying of the fabric and materials, to the designing, and even up to the stitching and creation of the garment, is controlled by StalkBuyLove.

The online fashion platform and retailer has been around for five years now and was founded back in 2013. The creators and founders of this online clothing retailer were Tushar Ahluwalia, Shrivastva, Aashna Chopra, and Shikha Ahluwalia. Tushar and Shikha Ahluwalia are siblings who first cofounded the business with Tushar being the business expert of the duo and Shikha being the fashion expert.

There are other online fashion retailers and platforms that are available in India too but StalkBuyLove?s meticulous handling of their apparels and clothing make them stand out. There have been other online fashion retailers that have also gotten some investments from VC firms out there. An example is eShakti, which is dedicated in creating women?s wear segment. eShakti raised about $10.1 million or Rs 75 crore June of 2018. Fynd, an online shopping marketplace for fashion, also received some support from Google last March of 2018. FabAlley also recently closed a deal with SAIF Partner and raised about $8.5 million or Rs 60 crore after going into a Series B round funding with them.

Nevertheless, StalkBuyLove is still seen as one of the top startup companies when it comes to online fashion retailers. Besides the $2.96 million the company has managed to raise, it is also said that they were able to raise an additional $1 million. It also has a good track record of being able to raise money from funding rounds as with its 2016 Series A funding round that resulted to them raising an approximate of $6 million during that time.

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