Advertising Your Business in a Good Light

If you are looking to make a business pitch to potential or existing investors, take a seat back.

You need to read up on a few tips and tricks so that you can be prepared. If you’ve tried and failed, it’s not necessarily because your pitch was bad. Trust us, investors are a fickle lot.

They can hardly be pleased.

But you can always catch their attention with a few proven tactics and strategies. Ready to bank on your business? Great, so are we to guide you through.

Make It Quick, Positive and Worthwhile

The title says it all. You need to be very quick with your sales pitch. Visualization is your friend and you should welcome it when you are making a pitch.

Use graphical content.


Because visual content will land you deals, sponsors and ultimately ? the money that you need.

Nobody can be bothered to spend too long on your project.

Perfect as it might be.

There are many projects just like yours to consider as well.

By being concise and to the point ? you will catch your investors’ attention.


Everyone thinks that people only list the good qualities about a product as a marketing scheme.

This is true ? but such salesmen and saleswomen don’t usually make it very far.

Or if they do, they still remain stuck at a sales position.

You want to run your own business ? so be positive. Always talk about the strong sides of your business. Want to start a Risk & Compliance company and you have done a project or two?

Phrase yourself something like this:

“Our company is a developing leader on the North American market. We understand risk and value the integrity of your business, this is why SYZ Banks, Dow Jones, and Barclays have entrusted us with high-profile projects to work on.”

Of course, when you number your clients, they won’t be necessarily the best out there, but you need to present yourself in the best possible light.

You needn’t focus on any of the drawbacks ? even if there are such, you should keep them to yourself, IF you can work around those on the job.

Misleading your investors/clients would be a very bad long-term business strategy. Especially when you are sitting with your own face and trying to secure funding.

Make It Worthwhile

If you really want to seal the deal in your favour, make sure that you are showing the clients the value they would get out of collaborating outright with you. It’s always important to make sure that you tell your investors what they will gain:

  • Speed
  • Better quality
  • Broader outreach
  • More reliable product
  • Reliable partner

We generally recommend leaving price until the very end ? this way your investors know that price is the last thing on your mind, because a product that good would always sell.

With this in mind, make sure that you understand what these people expect from you ? and give it to them, even if it’s slightly off the mark. Who cares as long as you have the expertise to live up to your promises.

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