Small Business Grant Opportunities for the Native American Tribes (Minorities)

As a minority in the United States, There are multiple business funding opportunities to help minorities who are operating businesses overcome political, and socio-economic challenges they might be facing or have faced in the past.

Healthier Nation Initiative for Health-related Business

If you run a company that is health inclined, you can apply for this business grant and receive funds to help spread awareness and information on health matters for minorities.

Minority Grant offered by the Department of Interiors

The department of interior is offering certain grants to companies and individuals seeking to mine mineral resources on Indian lands.

Obama?s POWER Initiative

Former President Obama launched an initiative designed to assist communities that are affected by the alternating power industry. You may want to look up the federal grants and see what you r chances are with them.

Community Connect Business Grant offered by the Department of Agriculture

As a business owner living and operating your business in a rural environment that probably lacks good internet access, you may check your eligibility for this Agricultural grant. The Indian tribes are a primary target of this grant program.

RBEG grant Initiative

This business grant is open to small businesses operating in rural areas and seeking to develop the rural environments in which their businesses are located in. These grants are offered to small companies seeking funds for rural developments in areas of real estate, equipment purchase, infrastructure, etc.

Requests that are smaller in monetary value are often considered with more priority as grants offered by this organization ranges between value of $10,000 to $40,000. Indian tribes whom are federally recognized may also apply for this grant for startups and small enterprises.

Federal Grant for Waste Disposal and Water Companies

This grant is not specifically designed for small businesses. Any company operating waste disposal or water initiative in federal-government recognized tribal domains could send applications for this grant ingenuity.

Most of these grants may be community-centered but getting grants as an individual has never been an easy task. You could check with this grantors to see if they are offering an exception to their terms and eligibility criteria.

Another grant you may consider applying for, is the Minority Business Development Agency. They have various grant offering for minorities in the business world; plus multiple other free resources that will be of great help to entrepreneurs and company owners from minority tribes.

Another grant one may want to look up as a minority member is the TEDCG fully known as the Tribal Energy Development Capacity Grant. This grant aims to equip minority tribes to influence the energy and economic situations in their communities.

This is not a direct grant to small companies but as a minority business owner, you could get a cut of this grant by securing contracts ? the right government contracts.

Remember, getting business grants requires your ingenuity, creativity, patience, and determination so don?t be feeling inferior to certain grants program; stand up and send your application to that program today. You may be the winner, you never can know unless you apply and see for yourself.

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