Small Business Grants for Women and Female Entrepreneurs

The government agencies listed below don?t just give out grants to small companies, their grants ate offered based on eligibility. There are several initiatives from the Federal level down to local and corporate levels that offer free money for business to women who are entrepreneurs and small business owners. These initiatives are programs designed with the aim of fixing the gender gap and encouraging gender equal opportunity in business.

  • Smart Women Company Grant offered by Zion Bank

Up to $18,000 is up for grab at the women business grant program offered by Zion Bank. This company bursary cuts across six industries ranging from culture, elder care to arts, child care and even teacher support.

  • Eileen Fisher Annual Women Grant Program

The Eileen Fisher Grant Program is tailored to funding ten business women whose business is driven towards innovation in social change and environmental revolution. This grant is worth up to $100,000 in value.

  • Women?s Economic Empowerment Initiative offered by Walmart Global Grant Program

Business woman who owns small and medium business enterprise should consider sending application for Walmart?s GWEEI program. In wheel of supporting women in business, Walmart has $100+ million in business grant for businesses owned by women and this program is operated internationally. Lots of funds are spent for businesses outside the United States but there are reserved grants for business women in the United States.

$15,000 Huggies Mom Women Grant Program

The Huggies Initiative offers up to $15,000 in grant to twelve moms who ae entrepreneurs.

  • WomensNet Amber Business Grant Program

As a lady planning to commence a startup or already running a small business, applying for the Amber women grant program may be a wise choice to make if you seek financial support and business funding.

  • AAUW Career Development Business Grant

The American Association of University Women Career Development Initiative seeks to assist women who possesses a Bachelors in Arts and seeking to commence, change or advance their career.

  • SBA InnovateHER Business Grant for Women

This grant is offered based on who wins the grant competition. Up to $70,000 is offered by the Co-host ? SBA, and this prize award cuts across the winner down to the second runner-up winner.

  • The Halstead Grant Program for Women

This funding offer for women in business is an opportunity for women in the Jewelry industry to receive grants for their businesses. This women grant is valued between $7,000 to $8,000. Aside the cash offered to help business owners, beneficiaries tend to get social media exposure of their businesses ? plus a free trip to Arizona. This offer is not just limited to the award winner, up to ten runner-ups are awarded with a prize so don?t be discouraged from participating in this grant contest.

  • $2,000 Women Grant Program Offered by the Open Meadows Foundation

The open Meadows Foundation is offering to pump $2,000 into any enterprise or business owned and designed by women. This initiative is geared towards gender, racial, and economic justice and equality.

In our next content, we will discuss on business grant funding opportunities for minorities.

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