Topmost Federal Government Agencies Offering Business Grants At City, Town, County and Local Government Authorities Level

Aside business allowances accessible by the small business owners as offered by the Federal and state government, local government, towns, counties and cities also offer owners of small businesses in their areas. These grants are actually smaller in value than grants offered by the state and federal government but there is less competition in receiving these grants.

If your business benefits your community in a demonstrable and tangible way, you stand an upper hand in receiving business grants from your local government. Businesses sailing in areas such as environmental awareness, health, or similar enterprises are more exposed to local business grants and stand more chance in receiving business grant from local governments. Below are some local government grants sources we have pulled up to help direct you in where to get grants from. Ensure you lookup grant programs offered in your locality.

  • Tax Reductions for Job Creation

If your business or company is in an enterprise zone ? in a position to create jobs ? then you receive some tax incentives to technically help you fund your business operations or projects that generates employments in the community. These are not directly grants for business but a tax reduction helps you save cost and grow too.

  • Cleveland Department of Economic Development Business Grant Program

There are multiple cities; including Cleveland which offers multiple small business grants to owners of small and medium enterprises to help nurture entrepreneurship in the city.

  • Business Grant Program for Green Technology

If you wish to save some money and also get business funding for your business, then you may consider looking up the Green Technology Environmental Sustainability Initiatives. This program runs across all tiers of government.

  • Ben Franklin Innovation in Pennsylvania

The Ben Franklin Technology co-sponsors a local business grant program aimed at helping small business around Pennsylvania to qualify and get SBIR and STTR business grants offered by the Federal Development and Research Programs. This program is actually a statewide program but it is categorized under microloan programs hence we are listing it here.

  • Detroit NEIdeas Grants

Free resources and business grants valued between $10,000 to $100,000 is offered to small businesses within Detroit and it?s environs to help boost the entrepreneurial spirit and economic growth within and around the state.

  • Roseburg, Oregon Tourism Business Grant

Tourism grants are offered by towns, cities and states to small businesses that promote tourism and travels. In receiving this grant, consideration is put in whether your business promotes tourism during seasonal periods or off-season.

  • Chicago SBIF

The Chicago Small Business Fund program is tailored towards funding companies that improves their company looks ? remodeling, repairs etc. This business grant is a matching grant i.e. as a business owner, you will receive business grant matching the amount spent in remodeling/repairing your business.

  • New York Small Business Funding Initiatives

Fashion companies seeking to make equipment upgrade, employee training, purchase new tools etc. may contemplate sending an application for the New York FMI Business grant for small businesses. Or if your business is located anywhere in Manhattan, and positioned in creating up to 70 new jobs, then you may contemplate sending an application for the New York Job Creation and Retention Program (JCRP) for small and medium businesses located in the New York.

Look out for our next content where we will write about corporate grants offered to owners of small businesses.

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