Small Business Grants for Corporate

Receiving business grants from the government is awesome but the eligibility requirements are too specific and the funding amount are not large as one may assume. So here comes the big corporations in the picture; they often offer business allowances to owners and managers of small businesses.

For business owners, its free money to help grow their businesses, for these corporations, it?s a method of boosting their popularity, getting loyal customers and some other perks of benefits.

These corporate business grants comes with tough pitching competitions. Not all corporate grants do this but most of them do. The publicity emanates via this pitching competition or similar race ? and runner-up awards too.

FedEx Grant Award for Small Businesses

Annually, up to ten small business receives $25,000 from FedEx. This sis a nationwide wide program. You can look up their official webpage to learn from previous competitors before applying for this small business grant.

Intuit NASE Grant Award to Help Small Businesses

Intuit is a tax preparation software firm and they are proposing up to $4,000 to small companies under their National Association for the Self-Employed Grant Program. This business grant is primarily designed to assist freelancers and small business owners take their hustle to a higher level. This grant is awarded annually to small businesses nationwide.

Manufacturers Cities Grants Offered by Etsy

Etsy is offering some amount of dollars to manufacturers and producers of crafts, fabrics, furniture, art works, ceramics or anything else offered by Etsy sellers. This business grant is awarded to only educational institutes and non-profit establishments. These is a way of funding and pumping good handmade products into the hands of end users across the nation and internationally.

Small Business Grants offered by Visa Everywhere Initiative

Smart innovations and small businesses at startup stages are invited to apply for the small business grant program awarded by Visa Everywhere Initiative. At the end of the contest, only three winners are picked and these winners are offered up to $50,000 to help grow their ideas, initiatives, or startups.

Main Street Business Grant offered by Chase Banks

Up to 20 small businesses are awarded with business grants valued up to $150,000 each by Chase Bank via their annual Chase Mission Main Street Business Grants costing them up to $3 million to fund these small businesses. Getting this grant will require business owners to answer some essay questions regarding, tell the board members the story behind their small business, and the impact of their business to the community. In addition to this grant, winners also get a free trip to Google?s small business marketing workshop, and more perks.

Small Business Grant offered by the Miller Lite Tap the Future

The Miller Lite Grant program awards up to $200,000 to small business owners and startup companies to help them grow. The recipients of this grant are also taken on seminars and given necessary resources that may help boost their business growth.

The Coca-Cola Foundation Grant

If your company is charity-based, you may want to send an application for the small business grant obtainable by company owners at the Coca-Cola Foundation Grant.

These are to mention but a few. There are many more corporate companies offering business bursaries to small companies and startups. In our very next blog post, we will write on government agencies and firms proposing business grants for women in business line.

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