Top Government Agencies Offering Business Grants from the State Government

Business grants offered at state level are often geared towards the socio-economic progress of the state. State business funding are lined with grants offered by other states and Federal grants, hence small business owners tend to get lesser business grants compared to what the federal government offers to small businesses.

In addition, most state grants are matching business grants. Instead of these states to just dole out funds to business owners for certain purposes, they will require that your business matches the funds they offer.

When seeking for small business grants, you may achieve some results by searching for grants covering your industry and offered by your state government. Please take note that some states offers grants that cuts across many states, so don?t be discouraged if the grant matches your business but not offered by your state.

Below we?re listing some popular states and their business grant/commerce websites:

Arizona Commerce Authority

The AZCommerce offers small business grants to business owners in Arizona seeking to expand into the international market or commence exportation of products.

Arkansas TTCAG program

The Arkansas Technology Transfer Assistance Grant Program under the Economic Development Commission, Arkansas proposes several incentives and business grants to small business owners seeking to create job opportunities in Arkansas. Such businesses can get grants from the Infrastructure Grant program organized by the Arkansas state government.

Colorado Export Development Grant

For the continuity of innovation in the state, the Colorado government stimulates and encourages entrepreneurs and business startups by offering business grants for small and medium-sized businesses. More information about the grants offered by the Colorado state government can be read here.

Washington Local and Small Business Grants

DC is offering business funding to local businesses and small businesses thriving downtown. There are several business grants for such businesses in Washington. You can read more details about this grant and possibly apply via their official website.

Kansas Job Creation Grant

The government of Kansas gives business grants to small businesses in Kansas via her Kansas Job Creation Funding Program. This program is tailored to fund small businesses over a period of three years. But to qualify for this grant, your business reach certain employment and investment target.

Maryland Department of Early Childhood Development

The Maryland Child Care Quality Incentive (CCQI) Program is now reopened for funding child care units/centers located in Maryland. This business grants is offered quarterly to eligible child care facilities in Maryland.

Maryland ExportMD Grant Program

As a small business owner seeking to begin exportation of your products or services, you may consider applying for export business grants offered by Maryland state government. This grant can help you shed some expenses.

Another grant offered by the Maryland State government is the Maryland Economic Development Assistance Authority & Fund (MEDAAF). Keep checking their official grant website for updates if you don?t want to miss out on funding opportunity for your small business.

Texas Business Grants for Young Farmers

Are you an aspiring young farmer or a farmer already? Are you between the ages 18 to 46? Then you may considers applying for the Texas state government business grant for the agricultural production community. This grants targets projects that are geared towards boosting the agro-economy of the state.

These are not all the state business grants available, there are more. On our next post, we will discuss how and where to get business grants for startups.

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