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Many startups are in need of business funding than already-established ones but quite unfortunately, most business grants are targeted at small businesses already established and offering it?s products and services to the society.

As a newest business owner in town seeking financial assistance to boost your business and help actualize your ideas, you could look up some of these business grants opportunities offered to small business startups:

  • ActivityHero Business Grant

This business grant aimed at startups is co-sponsored by GoDaddy. Activity Providers and up to 9 Kids? Camp are awarded with business funding worth up to $15,000 to help boost their businesses. To be a winner in this grant program for startups, you will need three reviews from family, then boost your chances of winning with votes from your customers.

  • AT&T Experts Startup Business Grant

This grant program is hosted and sponsored by AT&T Experts. To apply for this grant, you need to pitch your idea smartly in a two-minute video and then stand a chance to qualify for the free $1,000 business grant offered by AT&T Experts.

  • Zach Business Grant by Fundera

Fundera now funds new businesses yearly with grants worth up to $2,500 to business owners seeking to commence their business or fund their new startup. The application procedure and requirement is quite simple; follow them on social media and submit a video explaining why you started your business ? the inspiration behind your company and how your company plans to improve the human living standard ? that?s all buddy. Apply now!

Active Small Business Grants for Veteran-owned Businesses

At long last, the government, corporations, and non-profits now offers small business grants to businesses owned by veterans. The ingenuity of offering grants to veterans is a way of saying ?thank you? to veterans for their national service and dedication to the nation?s peace and security. Plus, to support their entrepreneurial contribution to the society and nation at large too.

Below are some top business grants for Veterans:

StreetShares Commander?s Call Veteran Business Grant Award ? The StreetShare Business Grant program offers up to $15,000 military spouses or veterans operating a business.

SDVOSBP Business Award ? The Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses Program is not particularly a business grant program but a program designed to help veterans who are operating business to get contracting opportunities offered from the government.

Department of Agriculture ? The USDA program operated by the Department of Agriculture offers services such as education, business grants, outreaches and other several supports to veterans and minorities seeking to commence or expand their agricultural businesses.

There are multiple other franchise discounts offered by top companies such as UPS, Little Caesars Pizza, 7-Eleven and a host of others. Veterans are offered up to 20% – 80% off their application charges to be a business franchise of participating companies. Some even offer some forms of waivers off their equipment fees, and other services related to their products only for honorably discharged veterans and service-disabled veterans seeking to venture into the entrepreneurial industry.

You could read more about the UPS franchise discount here; 7-Eleven franchise discount here; and the Little Caesars Pizza franchise discount info too.

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