Federal Agencies Participating In Federal Business Grant Programs for Small Businesses

As we discussed in our previous post, we will be discussing some top federal agencies participating in the various business grant programs sponsored by the Federal Government.


In no particular order, here are some top federal agencies participating in the various business grant programs sponsored by the Federal Government:

  • NIH (National Institute of Health)

A department named as the Department of Health & Human Services under the National institute of Health offers small business grants to companies interested in researching and developing marketable biomedical technologies. If this sounds like your company, then hop in and start saving money whilst saving lives too.

  • Department of Agriculture under the National Institute of Food & Agriculture

As the name implies, this department offers small business grants to businesses and companies primarily involved in Agricultural research and development. The topics of research ranges from Nutrition, Forestry, Food science, products of biofuel, animal protection, aqua cultural researches and more.

  • Department of Defense

Are you researching and developing technologies for the Army, Airforce, Navy, or even the DARPA?s advanced initiatives? Then the Ministry of Defense under the department of defense is available to pump funds into your product research and also help market them for your small company.


Some federal agencies offer grants for small businesses via the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program only. The Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program requires that small businesses collaborate with research institutions before seeking for grants. We can?t label this as an advantage or disadvantage because it all depends on what you?re actually seeking for.

So let?s take further look into other federal agencies offering grants to small businesses under the SBIR and/or STTR.

  • NIST – National Institute of Standards & Technology

The National Institute of Standards & Technology also short-termed NIST issues small business grants to companies interested in undergoing research in the fields of cyber security, manufacturing, and software. They also extend their grant offering to companies in areas such as healthcare and energy. If your company qualifies for the SBIR, feel free to apply to some or all of these sections.

  • Volpe under the department of transportation

Volpe is the systems center of the department of transportation and they are offering business grants to small businesses involved in developing and researching technologies in fields such as aviation, highways, and railroads. Before sending your applications, ensure you check their topic listings to be updated on their recent topic listings.

  • Environmental Protection Agency ? EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is looking to reward small businesses researching and developing scientific technologies to advance green technology and sustainable environments. If your company is all about the ?green? of the environment, then you may want to apply for small business grants here.

  • The Department of Homeland Security

If you run or manage a business that s concerned with maritime security, cyber security, border security, production or sales of explosives, or biological or chemical defense, then you may consider applying for business grants offered by the US department of Homeland Security.

  • The Department of Education

The Department Of Education offers SBIR grants to small businesses and companies researching and developing latest technologies that deals with areas such as pre-writing skills, language learning, pre-reading skills, STEM skills, and behavioral learning patterns. The research topics for this business grant are listed under the National Center for Education Research branch.

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